Adjusting his wife having sex with a donkey, you will not believe what he did

Investigations of the police department of Ashmoun, Menoufia, revealed the story of a man being arrested for having sex with a donkey, and questioning his daughters’ relation that she might be the daughter of the donkey

The husband said in the police record that his wife is famous among the daughters of the village of morality and respect, and this made him very attached to them, which is why he loved him in the first place, and was the happiest people when Zainab became his property in halal,

He added: “After I discovered the disastrous incident that made me hate my life and all women, even my daughter who I wish I did not want, pyramid in any shelter.”

He continued: “That situation that reached her, made me doubt the proportions of my daughter also, I am Eh who proves to me that the girl my daughter, can not be the daughter of the donkey?”.

After he discovered his wife’s laborer, she screamed and started to laugh and tear her clothes.

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